From the day an asset or item is first acquired, it often changes location or owner, or move from production to sales during its life cycle.

Keeping a record of these changes and modifications will ensure accountability and reduce the risk of losing expensive goods and assets. 

Row history for traceability

With the Row History, you can see the entire sequence of changes made to an item including: 

  1. what changes have been made 
  2. who made the change 
  3. and when it was made.

The way it works

What you see in the main spreadsheet view in the Cloud Sheet is the current status of the item - it might be location that it's currently in, the stock level, or the current pricing. 

How changes are made

When someone scans that barcode, pulls down the information and makes a change, they've made an update to the item. 

At any point in time, you can surface this audit trail to see what was last modified and by whom. 

If you're working with multiple users, the history log can be a handy tool for enforcing accountability or quickly produce audit trails of particular items. That leads us to exporting it.

Export the full audit trail

When you need to export the record of changes, it's simply a matter of including the history in the export menu. 


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