The entry fields in the mobile app directly mirror the columns of the spreadsheet export, and besides the barcode field, all fields are fully configurable. 

First thing first, we need to click the three dots on the right-hand side to either edit or add a new field - just as you see above.

Field types

We can then decide on the several different types of fields that determine the information we capture. 

Pro tip: Each field type has different rules that give us shortcuts to auto-generate values like location or timestamps, and makes it easier to type in numbers with +/- buttons on the number field.

Field Settings

The settings and rules that we can apply to the fields control how they should behave inside the mobile app.

Readonly—allows us to restrict users from modifying the values in that given field. We might not want them to modify the lot number that we've already imported. 

Required—allows us to force the users to fill out the given field and make sure that the information we need is collected. 

Autofocus—let us decide where the keystroke marker should first lay focus after a scan. 

Auto select value—let us select the value to delete, replace, or copy quickly.  

Use value in list — Let’s us determine what the app will display in our list of items.

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— Orca Team

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