In this overview, we'll go through the 2 basic steps required to connect your Orca Sheets with Excel spreadsheets.

1. Generate your unique public Sheet URL

  • Enable Allow public URL access
  • Copy the URL to your clipboard
  • Save the uniquely generated URL (important)

2. Add your Orca Sheet URL to Excel

Now, over to Excel:

  • Navigate to the Data section, and find the Get Data menu. 
  • Hover over From Other Sources, and choose From Web.
  • The window below will surface - now paste the URL from Orca Scan.
  • Connect with anonymous access (or configure if needed). 
  • Click Load. 

That's it!

Your Excel spreadsheet will now mirror everything in your Orca Sheet. So if you add, update or delete a row inside Orca Scan, Excel will pull them changes into your Excel Spreadsheet. 

Important points:

1. You can configure how Excel pulls data from your Orca Scan. Click the Refresh button to do that manually as seen here: 

2. If you clear Orca Sheet, it will remove the data from your Excel Spreadsheet.

Head over to and log in to get started. 


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If you have any questions or you'd simply like to let us know how you're using this, drop us a line via live-chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

 - Orca team 

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