Connecting users to the same sheet is a great way to spread the collection of data across more hands while retaining the central control.

Sharing the Sheet

All we need to do is add the email of their Orca Scan account.
(if users don't know this, they can go settings in the app, and scroll to the bottom of the page to find their login email). 

  • Users can now find the Cloud sheet available in the Sheets overview inside their app.

Users' access rights

When sharing a sheet, you can choose whether users will be able to update the values in the sheet or only view it.

Updating the master sheet
If they scan a matching barcode, it will surface the information stored in the cloud sheet, so it's good practice to pay attention to users ability to update. 

Pro tip: In cases where you might want them to update some of the fields, and a great workaround to this is giving them update rights, and then setting the rules on the field itself - read more about how to configure the columns here.

Other helpful resources: 

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