In this overview, we'll go through the 2 basic steps required to connect your Orca Sheets with Google Sheets. 

1. Generate your unique public Sheet URL

  • Enable Allow public URL access
  • Copy the URL to your clipboard
  • Save the uniquely generated URL (important)

2. Add your Orca Sheet URL to Google Sheets

Now, over to Google Sheets:

  • Add =IMPORTDATA("replace-with-your-orca-sheet-url-here.csv") to the first cell of your sheet - be sure to include the quotation marks!
  • Hit enter and wait for your data to load

That's it!

Your Google Sheet will now mirror everything in your Orca Sheet. So if you add, update or delete a row inside Orca Scan, Google will pull them changes into your Google Sheet.

Important points:

  1. Google pulls data from your Orca Scan every 60 minutes
  2. If you clear Orca Sheet, it will remove the data from your Google Sheet 

Head over to and log in to get started. 


If you have any questions or you'd simply like to let us know how you're using this, drop us a line via live-chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

 - Orca team 

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